Rumores Marines del Caos – Avance de las Unidades y sus reglas y habilidades

Hoy os traemos nuevos rumores desde el ojo del Rumor recopilados por los escribas más oscuros que siguen adentrandose buscando informaciones interesantes esta vez de los Marines del Caos

Es un follón y además a veces incluso no muy fácil hacer la traducción por lo que la ponemos directamente desde la fuente inglesa.

Recordar que son rumores que deben confirmarse por lo que tomar la información como lo que son.

Chaos lord

  • base loadout is thunderhammer and plasma pistol
  • has access to all melee weapons
  • can only have bolt or plasma pistol


  • 8A s10 ap4 d3, 6+ to wound cuases d3 MW (drachnyen pierce)
  • 16A s7 ap4 d1 (drachnyen sweep)
  • always fights first
  • -1 to wound
  • first failed save reduced to 0 damage
  • +1s on the charge
  • can only take max 3 damage per phase
  • full rerolls
  • charge bonus
  • supposedly very pricy (would be around 300 ish points)

Disco lord

  • +1 to hit VEHICULES in melee
  • Bs2 ws2 s4 t6 9w 6A LD9 2+/5++
  • Limited to 1 and cant get multiple boosts (i don’t understand what this means yet)
  • Techno virus injector: in engagement range all weapons get +1 damage vs VEHICULES
  • impaler chainglaive: Suser ap3 d2; on the charge +1 to wound
  • the melta mouth weapon is a melta pistol
  • claws and tail are 4 additional attacks @ S6 ap2 d2
  • mechadentritees: 4x s4 ap0 d1
  • ability to wound vehicules: you can corrupt a vehicule: roll a d6 for every wound that a vehicule has on a 6s=1MW (maximum of 6); if you kill an ennemy vehicule in melee you can corrupt 2 different vehichles instead of just 1. The double corruption ability is gained for the rest of the game. Happens in the command phase.


  • Can heal vehicules
  • +1 to hit for VEHICULES for shooting
  • MoE (elite slot)
  • Rerolls wounds v char
  • 6″ heroic intervene
  • Hits of six does two mortals and the attack ends 
  • Axe got worse Doesn’t reroll hits Doesn’t explode (does with legion)
  • Gains a wound and an attack

Dank Apostle

  • all god specific prayers are entirely new
  • cast 1 prayer (stratagem to cast another prayer)
  • no longer has illusionory supplication

Cultist HQ squad

  • its a squad, with a banner, a priest and a psyker, + some extra bullet catchers
  • The banner:rerolls 1s to hit for cultists & +2Ld to cultists
  • psyker: cast 1 deny 1
  • priest: knows the basic prayer and another, always lands prayer on a 3+
  • squad of 5 models


  • gains 3 additional attacks
  • +1 damage if fighting a unit with a 3+ WS


  • can make a raptor unit reroll hit and wound


  • Gains a toughness,wound, attack & leadership
  • His claw doubles his attacks instead of being a powerfist.


  • In the codex
  • can only be hit on a 4+

De momento esta es la primera parte. En breve una segunda parte con más unidades de este esperado codex.

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